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Something In The Making - From Oslo to Flisa to L.A to N.Y.C

The majority of the album was done in my old basement, dubbed "The Ninja Cave".

We did however spend some time in the countryside, recording choir, grand piano and a bunch of other things, just hanging out, spending time together and swimming in the river. We spent a day at Grue Kirke, a gorgeous church with a great sounding organ.

A couple days in Elverum Kirke as well, recording more church organ and some choir I think.

My good friend Marius Ergo from one of my other bands Insomniac Bears, engineered some guitar tracks for a couple of songs on the album (High Street, Sleepless Night). Marius actually played the amazing guitar solo on track 11 "Every Little Dream Reprise". Shout out to Marius!

Legend Morten Øby and his Taakeheimen Studios provided us with a warm and punchy drum sound, something we never would have been able to ourselves.

The great Darrel Thorpe (Radiohead, Beck etc...) mixed the entire album, and we are blown away over how good it sounds. Thanks a lot dude!

Emilie Lazar ( Coldplay, Sia etc...) mastered it. Another legend.

The Ninja Cave

Grue Kirke/Church

Ofelia recording some grand piano. This one is from landsbyen Flisa I think.

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